WSJ Print Edition Reported That Iran Seizes US-Bound Oil Tanker

WSJ Print Edition Reported That Iran Seizes US-Bound Oil Tanker crsreo

WSJ Print Edition.- Brokers said the ship was chartered by Chevron and had loaded 750,000 barrels of crude in Kuwait.

“Iran’s actions are contrary to international law and disruptive to regional security and stability,” the U.S. Naval Command said. “The Iranian government should immediately release the oil tanker.”

Chevron spokeswoman Christine Dobbyn said the company is aware of the situation involving the Advantage Sweet.

“We are in contact with the vessel operator with the hope of resolving this situation as soon as possible,” Ms. Dobbyn said.

In a statement carried by Iranian state media, Iran said the tanker had collided with an Iranian vessel in the Persian Gulf, injuring several people and causing two crew members from the Iranian ship to go missing. Iran said the tanker then tried to escape and navigated through the Strait of Hormuz, but the Iranian Navy intercepted it in the Gulf of Oman and impounded the vessel.

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Also, the Marshall Islands-flagged tanker was built in 2012 and is registered to a Chinese leasing company, according to brokers. It is operated by Turkish manager Geden Lines. A Geden Lines representative couldn’t be reached for comment.

Iran has seized at least five commercial vessels sailing in the Middle East over the past two years, including two Greek tankers in May 2022 as retribution for U.S. seizure of a laden Iranian tanker in Greek waters. Iran released the two tankers in November.

In recent weeks, Iran-backed militias have carried out a series of attacks on U.S. forces in Syria that killed one U.S. contractor and injured a dozen other Americans. Iranian forces have also coordinated attacks on Israel with militant groups in the region, The WSJ Print Edition has reported.

Finally, In response, the U.S. military accelerated the delivery of a squadron of A-10 warplanes to the region and disclosed that it had moved a nuclear submarine into the Red Sea.