Tesla Pi Phone Release Date, The Expectations, and The Rummors

Telsa Phone Release Date
Elon Musk said on his tweeter account: Smartwatches & phones are yesterday’s technology, and Neuralinks are the future.

Tesla Phone

The world has been expecting the next level of smartphone technology that will revolutionize an era of human connection. The Tesla phone is guaranteed to do just that. While there has not been an official statement of its release date, many rumors are circulating on the web that it is coming this year.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors has remained shy about the phone’s existence, and its release date. But the company has a whistleblower who has been spreading news of the phone’s technology capabilities, its neuro link connectivity, and many other features that will take smartphones to the next level.

Tesla Technologies is Revolutionizing Industries

Tesla sees problems as opportunities even if these problems fall outside the level of expertise. It comes with no surprise that the CEO enjoys pioneering into new frontiers. Elon Musk has ripped opportunities in space, medicine, and now smartphones.

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The release date of the tesla phone is said to be by December 20, 2022, very appropriate considering Christmas shopping is just around the corner. The Pi phone will have a price range between $1,800 and $2,900, and media sources like Bloomberg News and WSJ Renewal may be the first to announce it.

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