Persisting Challenges in the Gaza Strip Amid Escalation in Israel-Hamas Conflict

Persisting Challenges in the Gaza Strip Amid Escalation in Israel-Hamas Conflict

In the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, Israel has notably altered its military strategy, moving away from reliance on air bombardments to focus on urban operations and targeted tactics. This change comes after one of the deadliest days for Israeli forces, with ten soldiers killed in the northern enclave.

Ongoing Challenges for Israel in Achieving Objectives

As Israeli losses mount, achieving the primary goal of weakening Hamas and safeguarding Israeli citizens becomes increasingly challenging. Since the conflict’s onset, 115 Israeli soldiers have lost their lives, and approximately 600 have sustained injuries, surpassing casualties from previous ground offensives.

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US Urges Israel to Cease Combat in Gaza, Emphasizing Civilian Protection

The United States is pressuring Israel to conclude active combat operations in Gaza and minimize harm to civilians. White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, during his visit to Israel, discussed timetables for ending major combat, emphasizing the possibility of a less intense yet persistent phase.

Disagreement over Gaza’s Future Intensifies Crisis

A disagreement persists between President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding who should govern Gaza post-war. While Biden favors the Palestinian Authority assuming control, Netanyahu insists on continued Israeli military control. This Discord intensifies an intricate conflict, as neither Israel nor Hamas signals a willingness to compromise.

Hamas Claims Propaganda Victory

Hamas portrays Israeli casualties as a propaganda victory, urging Israeli withdrawal to prevent further losses. Israel’s transition to house-to-house combat aims to reduce civilian casualties but raises concerns about the safety of IDF soldiers.

Israel-Hamas Conflict: Two-Month Operation and Humanitarian Crisis

Military analysts suggest Israel may need at least two more months to effectively root out Hamas, focusing on dismantling the crucial underground tunnel network. With the healthcare system on the brink of collapse in Gaza and escalating violence in the West Bank, the region faces significant humanitarian challenges.

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