Has Jack Mae Been Arrested by Chinese Police?

Has Jack Mae been arrested?

The Chinese state media report on ‘Ma’ detention sparks Alibaba sell-off

First American News LLC, Hong Kong: Alibaba shares sold off on Tuesday following a Chinese state media report that an individual surnamed “Ma” had been detained, pushing down Chinese technology stocks that had been expected to rally on the promise of support from Beijing.

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Alibaba Stocks

Shares in the Chinese ecommerce giant fell as much as 9.4 per cent at the open in Hong Kong following the report. The shares later pulled back to be down about 1 per cent after China’s state broadcaster CCTV amended its one-sentence dispatch to indicate the individual was not Alibaba’s billionaire founder Jack Ma.

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People familiar with the situation confirmed Jack Ma was not the person referred to in the report. The Global Times, a Chinese state-run nationalist tabloid, said the suspect in question worked for an IT company and had started an online group seeking to “split up the country and subvert the state”.

But the initial CCTV report that authorities in Hangzhou, the eastern city where Alibaba has its headquarters, suspected an unnamed “Ma” of using the internet to endanger national security rattled traders in Hong Kong. They had been ready to snap up Chinese tech stocks following a pledge from top officials late last week that Beijing’s prolonged crackdown on the sector was drawing to a close.

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“China imposed quite a lot of draconian policies on the tech companies and now everyone is on alert — if anything happens, they dump the stocks,” said Louis Tse, managing director at Hong Kong-based Wealthy Securities.

Tse said the CCTV report had undone a rally for tech shares anticipated in the wake of a statement from China’s politburo, which had pledged to wind down the unprecedented crackdown on the sector as policymakers sought to cushion the economic blow from an extended Covid-19 lockdown in Shanghai, the country’s financial capital.